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AMSIM: CMS Site Updates

Update Now!.
If your website is important make sure it is working.

So many of the sites on the internet now are CMS (Content Management Sites) this makes it easy for the owner to add content and update the web site.

But as all things do the internet changes and like the real world, what was fine yesterday is now not fine today.

CMS Frameworks

  1. Drupal
  2. Wordpress
  3. Joomla
  4. ExpressionEngine

Changes in server platforms will require the owner to update the web site, generally this will be for security reasons. When this happens the web site might also need updating to avoid intrusion.

Generally updates are provided by the CMS provider or if your web site has plugins or modules by the author of the extension. But the actual updating of the website is down to the owner. Most CMS web site intrusions are down to the website owner not keeping the website up to date.

Updates hosted with Us

We offer an update service for your website when hosted on our servers. This means your website is less likely to be comprised or hacked which is very important in a world of DPA and GDPR. 

  1. Website backed up prior to applying updates
  2. Updates will be installed when available.

Update hosted elsewhere

If your website is hosted on another server we can still offer an update service. You will need to contact us first as we are going to need to access your current host to update the files.

Update Service

Why Bother at all?

It is very important to keep your website up to date and current. Out of date websites will have code that can be exploited to gain access to the website and your customer data will be at risk.

Most internet traffic to your website is not provided by people is comes from software programs. Among the internet noise there are programs continually searching for websites with vulnerabilities, and once located an automatic processes will compromise the website. This will not only be expensive to fix but it could also cause issues with email and general communications.

Be Different

A CMS site can be just what you need to manage your personal or business website. However if you use the standard templates and images it will look the same as every other CMS site that has been downloaded.

CMS Template

You need to stand out and create a site that people want to visit and more importantly come back to. Contact us to create the right look for your website. Contact Us