Can you provide Search Engine Marketing?


Can you provide Search Engine Marketing?


Yes we provide a full Search Engine Service.

Initially we can provide a Search Engine Report. This will tell you where you are currently positioned and gives a good benchmark from which to proceed.

We can optimise your site to allow indexing in the top search engines.
This means we take a detailed look at your site and address any navigation, content or code issues that may be stopping your site achieving high positions.

We also provide a Search Engine Management service which submits and maintains your sites positions. During the service with your agreement we make changes to your site to keep your site positions.
These are Natural positions not Paid Per Click listings and are in the index based on merit. This means that you have not paid for a listing that falls out of the index directly you stop paying. Natural listings will be there as long as the sites content is maintained and the content is optimised.
High Natural positions need maintaining and we can advise how to do this.

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